Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How long before we make our own phones and tablets?

How long before we make our own phones and tablets, using material easily available in the market? How long before we go to places like Nehru Place (Delhi) and order our phones or Tablets? In India, we get people to assemble our PCs. We pick all materials a-la-carte from the shelf . We haven't yet reached the point where everyone opts for Ubuntu. Windows XP does just fine.

Like branded PCs, Branded phones come with crap of all variety - from expensive Walled Garden (Apple),  and pre-loaded crap that you can't easily uninstall (battery-draining Android-based machines from Samsung etc.), to unnecessarily expensive Windows phones on Nokia (we just need someone to make an easily installable version of Windows for DIY phones).

Recent market developments may be pointing towards such possibilities - witness, for example, the glut of Tablet PCs in the market, so much so that the literature on these machines (online) shows us where each part inside was made and how much did each cost - LCD, touchscreen, the basic board, memory cards, Android 4.0...All you need is some opportunistic wholesale buyer to flood the market with these. This will give more jobs to those kids passing out from mobile repair schools.

But, will the governments aid such a move, which threatens the cause of big business? For example, how will we deal with the necessity of authorized IMEI numbers?


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